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Our range of limescale inhibitors all come with an ‘actual’ life-long guarantee - both on performance and integrity


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The LimeStop TS


Limescale inhibitor for thermal stores


Guaranteed to work - or your money back


⅓ the price of a water softener






LimeStop FAQs...


What is the cost?

£149.00 plus postage (see below)

What is the LimeStop?

The LimeStop is a limescale inhibitor – it inhibits limescale from forming. Some people call such devices ‘water conditioners’ or even ‘aqua conditioners’! But it’s simply a limescale inhibitor.

The majority of limescale inhibitors don’t work, do they?

No, they don’t. Many such devices use magnets, electrolytic action, or electronic waves. If they worked, then the manufacturers would offer you your money back on performance...but they don’t!

So why is the LimeStop different?

The LimeStop uses Siliphos - silicate-polyphosphate, so it’s classed as a ‘physical’ limescale inhibitor, in that it actually uses something to inhibit limescale – there are no smoke and mirrors!

Is that why you guarantee it?

Yes, if you research limescale inhibitors (on the internet, or even by phone) you’ll find that manufacturing companies of these devices will not give you your money back, years down the line, if they don’t work! We do. We can offer such an amazing guarantee because Siliphos really does inhibit limescale – even in extremely hard water areas.

Like where?

LimeStops have been installed in most parts of the UK, and have been sold in France, Spain and Belgium.

What will be the continual cost of the LimeStop?

We will supply you with 500 grams of fresh silicate-polyphosphate every year. The cost is £18.25 plus postage of £1.75. So the cost works out from just 5p a day! And, to ensure that you NEVER pay more than you should, we have our unique ‘Price Lock Guarantee’.


The daily costs rises only as much as 1p every other year. So the cost for the year 2016 and 2017 is 5p per day. For 2018/19 it will be 6p per day (£21.90 for the year). The Price Lock Guarantee ensures the cost only ever rises by £3.65 every other year! We recommend that the LimeStop is replaced after 5 year’s use. We would give you a new one at a discounted rate.

What are the dimensions of the LimeStop?

Approx 210mm x 70mm (approx 10 inches x 3 inches).

What does it weigh?

1.5 kg.

What is it made of?

Copper, with brass fittings.

What is inside that inhibits limescale?

Siliphos - a food grade material called silicate-polyphosphate.

How does it inhibit limescale?

As water flows through the LimeStop it flows over the spheres of Siliphos - and they give up a slight amount of their coating. Siliphos inhibits limescale in two ways. First of all it makes the calcium molecules stay in suspension, rather than stick. Secondly it lays down a layer of silicate-polyphosphate on the walls of pipes etc. This too helps to inhibit limescale sticking.

How much Siliphos is in there?

A maximum of 800 grams (approx)

Why that particular amount?

Because around 800 grams is the optimum amount to ensure limescale inhibition in the thermal store.

Should it be fitted either horizontal or vertical?

Always vertical.

Does the Siliphos 'run out' of its effectiveness?

It degrades, that’s why replenishment is required. We will send you a reminder, annually.

Can I replace the Siliphos?

Yes, there is a simple cap on the top. We supply full-bore isolating valves, so that you turn the water off first! You simply drop the spheres of silicate-polyphosphate in.

Do you supply a ‘check valve’?

Yes, we do. It’s in the box.

Is it classed as a water softener?

No, the hardness is still there, it's just suspended. This is true of all limescale inhibitors; if it doesn't actually remove the 'hard' salts then it's not a water softener.

If the treated water is then stored, will it still be effective?

Yes, but the sooner the stored water is used, the better.

I don’t have a 22mm mains water connection

No problem, 15mm reducing fittings are included in the 15mm kit - just ask for it.

What’s in the box as standard?

The LimeStop comes supplied with 2 full-bore isolating valves, fittings, and check valve.

Your instructions say not to fit the LimeStop too close to a heat source, why?

Warm water backfeeding down the supply will degrade the Siliphos. Its period of effectiveness would be less.

Is it easy to fit?

Yes, very. Fitting should take no more than 20 minutes.

What if there is hardly any pipework to fit it on?

That’s no problem. All you need to do is re-locate the LimeStop away from the piping. We give you some basic fittings in the box, but you can simply add to them, then you can route the piping both to and away from the LimeStop. In such cases, it’s possible that all you need is 3” of piping.

Can I fit it in a warm cupboard?

Yes, but not if the ambient temperature is above 30 degrees C for the same reasons as above. Also, fit it low down in the cupboard where the cold mains enters, as it would be the coolest part of the cupboard.

What will the LimeStop protect?

The LimeStop is made for ‘mains’ water thermal store hot water cylinders. If you want to protect your entire home then opt for the LimeStop WH.

What about ‘Megaflow’ type units?

These use a store of hot water, but they are technically ‘heat banks’ and not thermal stores. We can only state that the sooner the water is used after running through the LimeStop, the better.

What size ports has the LimeStop got?

The LimeStop is supplied with either 15mm or 22mm fittings - you choose.

Will my water pressure be reduced?

The LimeStop is a through-flow unit, and you would not see any noticeable drop in water pressure or flow after fitting.

What is limescale?

It's dissolved rock. Rain water dissolves the calcium and magnesium out of the rock. This water is then treated and sent to your home. When the water is heated the dissolved particles re-solidify and stick to the walls of the heat exchanger. It will do this at low temperatures, but it really begins at anything above 63 degrees C.

Is limescale harmful?

To your heating appliances, yes, very!  Even a tiny coating of it will reduce the efficiency of your appliance, meaning your energy bills will be higher. It also causes premature failure of key components. However, to your body, it is beneficial. Remember, water softeners remove this beneficial calcium, the LimeStop doesn’t.

Why is the LimeStop better than other limescale inhibitors?

The LimeStop requires no electricity or maintenance (other than topping up). It doesn't use questionable electromagnetic waves. It uses a time-proven material that we feel good enough to offer our performance guarantee of your money back. It doesn't require that you fiddle with large 'O' rings and wet Siliphos! You may be aware of a very similar unit to ours, but it requires 6-monthly topping up, with annual cleaning and Siliphos replacement.

*Do you guarantee that the LimeStop works?

Yes, we do. Our guarantee is that stated formally below. We believe all limescale inhibitors should carry a performance guarantee.  Don't buy one that hasn't got a money-back guarantee.

Have you ever had to give anyone their money back due to re-scaling?

No, never.

How can I get one?

Simply email us or phone us.

Do you give a discount if I buy more than one?

Yes, of course. Email us.

Is the LimeStop a British product?

Yes, we're proud to say it is. It is a quality product hand-made in England, not China.

I have soft water, so surely I don’t need a LimeStop?

The LimeStop can even be used in soft water areas, as the Siliphos lays down a protective coating on the walls of the supply piping - thus preventing acidic-water attack and so-called ‘Blue Water’.

Why don’t you sell the LimeStop in plumber’s merchants?

Because by the time they have added their mark-up charge, it would make it too expensive. You get it at the cheapest possible by buying direct from us. We hope to have it available from Amazon soon, but you can have one posted to you direct simply by emailing us with your preferred contact telephone number, and we’ll phone YOU to arrange payment.

Can you replace the Siliphos for me when it’s due?

We can do this, but only in the RG postcode area. The cost would be £33.75 in addition to the cost of £18.25 for the Siliphos. We hope you’ll agree that the cost is extremely reasonable. The average water softener costs twice that amount in salt alone, every year!


Still unsure?

Read this


Let us know if you find ANY other manufacturer of a ‘limescale inhibitor’

offering you anything like our amazing guarantee!



24 hour - £11

Price shown is for single LimeStops. For larger orders, we would quote you.


The guarantee against ‘scaling-up’ is dependent on the LimeStop TS being installed for at least two years. If your thermal store (not heat bank) should ‘scale-up’ to the detriment of water flow (we would require proof to satisfy such an occurrence), then we would return the original purchase price (£149.00) to the original purchaser. Your statutory rights are not affected.


Please be aware that items are usually sent by ‘24-hour’ service, but this cannot be guaranteed.

Cancelling & Returns

Cancelling your order before we send it:

Simply contact us by letter or email to cancel - any money already taken will be returned to your bank account by bank transfer within seven days. Our cancelling policy is ‘no quibble’.

Cancelling your order after we have sent it:

If you have already been sent the product then we would aim to reimburse you within seven days of us receiving the product back from you. Please note that under the Consumer Contracts Regulations you do NOT have the right to return the product and claim a refund if you have unsealed the box (due to hygiene reasons). However, if the product is still in its sealed box, you have the right to return it up to 14 days after you receive delivery. You should send the product back via a reliable courier, and in its original packaging. If you cancel before you receive the product then obviously there will be no charges made. If, however, you cancel after the product has been sent to you, then you are liable for the postage costs in returning the product to us. You should retain proof of posting, but please be aware that it is incumbent upon you to ensure that we receive it, so we would advise you to require a signature of delivery. Your cancelling email/letter must include the following (copy & paste):

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